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Please pay special attention to this page. It regulates the terms and conditions under which you may use the website  www.jobsfilipino.com By accessing this website and its subsidiaries you consent to be bound by this agreement.

  1. Job Advertising

www.jobsfilipino.com does not encourage job advertising that obliges applicants to pay deposit or placement fees, document processing fees or any other fees like these, directly or indirectly. Similarly, it does not require jobseekers to purchase goods or services from the Advertiser. Any Advertiser who uploads such a job advertisement is bound to declare all deposits, fees or payment requirements clearly in the text of the advertisement.

As it is impossible for  www.jobsfilipino.com to review all advertisement pieces, you are strongly advised to verify the advertisement of your interest with the relevant institution.  www.jobsfilipino.com bears no responsibility and is not liable for any cases of damage, loss or expense caused by or related to the above or any other job advertisements.

  1. Intellectual Property

2.1) Copyright

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However, you are permitted to download and/or print the contents of the website for your own personal and noncommercial use, on condition that you do not make modifications and that you observe all copyright and other proprietary notices included in the Materials.

You may not, except after the prior written consent of  www.jobsfilipino.com insert a hyperlink to this website on another website or “mirror” any picture or text contained on this website (or any other server).
2.2) Trademark

The trademarks and logos used and manifested on this website are registered or unregistered Trade Marks of  www.jobsfilipino.com or its licensors. Nothing on this website should be perceived as granting any license or right to use any of the Trade Marks displayed herein, without the written consent of www.jobsfilipino.com. The website prohibits the use of the Trade Marks as a HTML link to any of our websites without the prior agreement of www.jobsfilipino.com

  1. Liability Exclusion

www.jobsfilipino.com shall in no way and in no case be liable for any damage, loss or expense, direct, special or consecutive damage or economic loss resulting from or related to:

3.1) Any access, use or impossibility to access or make use of use the website, or reliance on any information on the website.

3.2) Any system, server or failure to connect, error, interruption, omission, delay in transmitting, or computer virus

3.3) Any use of or access to another website linked to www.jobsfilipino.com

www.jobsfilipino.com as permitted by law, disclaims any warranties, either express or implied, including the warranty of commercial profitability, fitness for a specific purpose. The hyperlinks in it to any other website are meant as a convenience to you and shall not be considered to be verification of such websites and such websites should be accessed at the user’s own risk.

  1. Indemnity

By visiting the website, you give consent to defend and keep safe and harmless  www.jobsfilipino.com from and against any claims or demands, declaring or resulting from the use of its contents or violation of the terms and conditions of its use.

www.jobsfilipino.com can offer to the applicant, via its subsidiary websites, intermediary services for individual application to work abroad or support services to start a self-employed business. In order to use these services it is not necessary for the applicant to pay anything but his/her potential future employer will be charged a fee.

These subsidiary websites have their own Terms and Conditions of Use and if the applicant decides to avail of their services, he/she will be obliged to agree with these Terms and Conditions of Use. By declaring his/her agreement with Terms and Conditions of Use the applicant consents to receive e-mails from the subsidiary websites described above, with the obligatory option for unsubscribing.

  1. Privacy Policy

The primary concern of  www.jobsfilipino.com is the responsible application of the information materials that users and clients provide us with. We are highly committed to guaranteed confidentiality and privacy. Your data as a job seeker will be disclosed to employers when you apply for their vacancy. Please keep in mind that some employers might decide to carry out a pre-employment background research on you based on your application set of documents and/or interview. When you apply for a position, you are deemed to have preliminarily agreed to such a pre-employment background research being carried out without any additional notice or consent required.

By using www.jobsfilipino.com and/or providing details as a registered user, you agree to our privacy policy.